Dorks in Dungeons LIVE!


Have you ever wanted to see the magic of storytelling through the lens of a role-playing game which is being viewed through the lens of a live improvised comedy show?

“That might be boring,” you say? What would you say if we told you the players are some of the best actors ever to grace a seacoast stage? What do you say when we tell you that the seacoast’s most adored actors and improv comics will playing the adventure’s cast of characters? How about door prizes? Audience participation? Candy chucked for your consumption at the whim of a dice roll? What do you say now jerk?

That’s what we thought.

Come watch as the Dorks in Dungeons pursue their mysterious quest to deliver the mail. See every critical hit, every skill check, every rules-lawyering bit of bullshit in super crisp HD. Because its live. Orcs will be slain. Dragons will be also slain. Princesses will be rescued and slain. Cheese-balls will be eaten (slain).

This unique LIVE show can be seen once a month in Portsmouth, NH as well as at Conventions all over the known world.

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